The World Scholar's Cup

In 2006, DemiDec launched the World Scholar’s Cup: an international academic competition inspired by Acadec but redesigned to meet the needs and time constraints of English-language students worldwide.

The Scholar’s Cup includes six subjects: science, math, history, literature, art and economics. As in Decathlon, the theme for these subjects changes each year. This year’s theme is The Frontier.

At competition, students participate in four events, each of which covers all six subjects: a curriculum-based debate, an essay, a multiple choice test and a live tournament, the Scholar’s Quiz, in which team members answer questions collaboratively.

Middle and high school teams compete in different divisions.

The first Scholar’s Cup World Finals were held on May 26th and 27th, 2007 at the YBM English Village in Seoul, South Korea. In 2008, national competitions will take place in Taiwan, Singapore, the United States, South Korea and more.

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Compete in the World Scholar's Cup

Competition Schedule 2008


Come win gold in Oro Valley! The 2008 U.S. National Finals will be held at Canyon Del Oro High School in Tucson, Arizona. Escape a season of studying indoors with a weekend of heated competition in the American Southwest. Other North American teams are also invited to participate here.

Discounted team accomodations have been arranged at the Holiday Inn Express Suites one mile from the competition site. Please contact us for reservation details.


The 2008 World Finals will be held at the YBM English Village in Seoul, South Korea. The Scholar’s Cup takes place over two full days. You’ll receive complimentary food and lodging at a scenic campus set at the edge of a bustling Asian metropolis. After the competition, you can visit the nearby DMZ, travel down the coastline to historic Busan, or just relax in a city known for its shopping, hospitality and karaoke.

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