Online SAT® Preparation

After careful consideration, DemiDec has selected Accolade as its exclusive SAT affiliate. Accolade’s web-based course is consistent with DemiDec’s approach to preparing for standardized exams; users of DemiQuiz software and of DemiDec study guides and quizzes will find the Accolade system (and the alpacas) familiar and effective.

The Accolade Approach

Taken in full, the Accolade course is a rigorous yet approachable eight-week curriculum that teaches all core SAT content, tricks, and traps—including 4800 vocabulary words that have appeared on actual SATs over the last twenty years.

The course features live drilling on over 100 subtopics, three full-length practice exams, expert essay grading, and a dozen hours of targeted video lessons by SAT experts. Students can access their materials anywhere, and the curriculum can be customized to meet both time constraints and individual student needs.

Accolade’s methodology and practice materials also help power DemiDec’s SAT courses abroad.

Visit the Accolade website at

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To save $50.00 on SAT review at Accolade Prep, please use the DemiDec code “PCR1281” to enroll. You should enter the code on the final check-out page when you upgrade your Trial Account to enroll in the full Premier Course.

Please email if you have any additional questions or for help getting started.

You’ve used DemiDec to get ready for Decathlon; now you can use DemiDec’s exclusive SAT affiliate Accolade to power your SAT review.

About Accolade

Accolade was founded by a team of Harvard and MIT graduates out of a desire to provide a convenient, comprehensive and effective online tutorial system to help students worldwide prepare for the new SAT. Accolade’s full-service course equips students with the essential reasoning skills and test-taking strategies they need to beat the new test and significantly enhance their portfolio for college admissions.