Complete Course of Studies

Resource Kits

Teach the curriculum with these prose learning guides. They are thoroughly researched, written by subject experts in clear, engaging prose, and formatted for ease of use. Special resource kits are available in prepared speech, impromptu speech, interview, essay and critical reading.

Power Guides

These outline-style guides review every testable detail in each event. Written only by Decathletes who’ve scored 8,000+, they are bold, efficient, and comprehensive.

Cram Kits

Cram kits organize key facts, most likely questions, and “things you probably forgot” in easy-to-use tables and lists for that last-minute crunch.


Learn the official booklets through a combination of exercises, activities, and tutorial segments. Workbooks also include all the necessary research components.

Focused Quizzes & Exams

These tests divide each event into smaller sections—quizzes into very small sections, such as individual poems or Super Quiz articles, exams into larger sections.

Progressive Exams

These full-length multiple choice exams go from one to three, easy to hard, for use at different times in the season.

Comprehensive Exams

These full-length simulated Decathlon tests are modeled in coverage and style after those found at the competition.

The Bottom Line

At $675 for online access, we believe that the Complete Course of Studies remains the best value in Academic Decathlon preparation. And for just $75, you can double the total number of practice tests from 375 to 750.

Downloading is easy; after purchasing your DemiDec materials, you'll be able to sign in at It's that simple. Hardcopies are also available.

Flashcard Packages

Flashcards Overview

At DemiDec we write 10,000 flashcards covering all seven objective events. Each card is on genuine business card stock, with a question on front and answer on back. Each also includes a reference to the curriculum for easy review.

Flashcard CD-ROMS

Our smart DemiFlash CD-ROMs keep track of what students are learning and can be used to create printouts, too.

Choose your favorite format, cardstock or a set of 10 CD-ROMs, or order both for just $100 more.

Offerings Include..

  • 300 cards in Math.
    1200 cards in Economics.
  • 1500 cards in Art.
  • 1500 cards in Music.
  • 1500 cards in Literature (including the novel as well as the poems and essays).
  • 2000 cards in Social Science.
  • 2000 cards in Super Quiz to help you master every detail of this most challenging event.

Curriculum Booster Kit

DemiDec Mock Competitions

Three full rounds of seven competition-format written exams, ideal for holding full-day scrimmages or for preparing your team for competition conditions ahead of time. They also include music listening questions, essay prompts, impromptu topics and full Super Quiz relays.

Essay Prompts

Our 100 practice essay prompts cover both the Super Quiz and the Literature and help prepare your students for this most unpredictable event.

Scrimmage Exams

The gold, silver and bronze each contain 100 questions covering all seven objective events: perfect for snapshots of team progress or for shorter practice meets.

Music Listening Tests

The fifteen music listening tests (based on an included CD) prepare students for the music recognition portion of the competition music exams.

Super Quiz Oral Relays

These 9-round, 45-question PowerPoint slideshows allow you to simulate the competition Super Quiz experience. They are also presented as 3-round relays for California-style competitions.

300 Competition Format Impromptu Sheets

Each sheet contains three realistic impromptu topics to help prepare your team for thinking on their feet and speaking off the cuff.

Super Quiz Screenplay

This creative presentation of the Super Quiz curriculum allows students to "perform" a staged production that teaches important facts about the Super Quiz in an unforgettable way.

DemiDanger Reverse-Quiz-Style Game Show

This reverse question-answer style "game show" is so addictive you may even begin hearing theme music in your head.


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