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Our Express Value Packages provide your team with our materials at the lowest cost. There are three packages and different options for each. We now have the new 2007 printable order form!

Complete Course of Studies (CCS) Complete Course of Studies

The Complete Course of Studies (CCS) is our flagship product. It provides a full package of curriculum and testing materials for all the Decathlon events.

online only $675
hardcopy + online $795

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 Extra Exams Edition: Double the exams from 375 to 750 for only $75 more!

online + hardcopy online only $750
online hardcopy + online $895

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Flashcard Packages (FP) Flashcard Packages

Our 10,000+ flashcards are color-coded by event and come in boxes for convenient use in the classroom or on the road. They're also available on CD and in PowerPoint

CD only $369
 hardcopy only $399
 CD + hardcopy $499

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Curriculum Booster Kit (CBK) Flashcard Packages

Super charge your course of study with our curriculum booster kit! The kit includes mock competitions, practice meets, Super Quiz relays, impromptu topics, music listening tests, and more!

 online only $325
 hardcopy + online $375
 online only without Super Quiz Oral Relays $275
 hardcopy + online without Super Quiz Oral Relays $325

What are Super Quiz Oral Relays? These 9-round, 45-question PowerPoint slideshows allow you to simulate the competition Super Quiz experience.

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DemiQuiz CD-ROMs Flashcard Packages

 with the Complete Course of Studies (CCS) $180
 with the CCS and either any FC or any CBK $90
 with all three of CCS, FC, and CBK packages FREE

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To order, fill in an order form and send it to DemiDec by mail, or fax.

DemiDec Resources
1006 Wall St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Fax - 603-297-7038

You can also order portions of any of the Express Value Packages seperately with the order form. You can also look at an online order chart, which details what packages include what materials