Join DemiDec!

Every summer, DemiDec offers internships to Academic Decathletes interested in becoming part of our team. Each applicant, if accepted, becomes a full-fledged DemiDec contributor, with real responsibilities and plenty of opportunities to learn both "on the job" and from DemiDec's veteran staff members. Some interns focus on smaller though still vital tasks such as proofing or research in their first year while others are ready to jump into larger projects right away.

Who are the DemiDec interns? Some are seniors who wish to continue their involvement in the Decathlon as they leave high school for new frontiers. Many are alumni already in college, looking for a chance to bolster their work experience and to give back to a program that they remember fondly. Still others are juniors returning to Decathlon for their senior years, seeking a unique edge as competitors and, down the road, as college applicants. Nearly all, no matter their age, affiliation or background, are interested in developing as writers, educators and entrepreneurs (or, alternatively, as footnoters.)

Please note that DemiDec interns who continue to compete are in no way advantaged relative to other competitors.

Interested in a DemiDec internship? To begin the application process, please send an e-mail with the following information to

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Favorite Subjects
  • Your Age
  • Your High School
  • Your City and State
  • Your College/University Affiliation (if known)
  • Your livejournal, blog, xanga, etc. (optional)
  • A brief personal introduction, including your history with the Academic Decathlon (if any.)